A Message From Victor

A Necessary Perspective: the Priority of the Spiritual

About Dr. Victor Matthews

Dr. Victor Matthews was a quintessential pastor and teacher known for his genuine love and concern for people and his ability to speak truth and godly counsel into almost any situation. In addition to his teaching duties at the Grand Rapids Baptist College (now Cornerstone University) and the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Dr. Matthews preached regularly on Sundays in Baptist churches throughout Michigan as well as holding a number of interim pastorates. He was also a sought-after speaker at conferences, seminars and study groups. Read More

About the Website

This is the second version of the "Soul Food" website with additional materials, including video presentations, added to all categories.  There is a new section for Spiritual Warfare under Bible Classes and  a section for Sermons under Presentations.  Although all documents have been proofread, there are errors and we would ask that you please notify us when you find an error. If you have material which is not included on the website and would be willing to loan that material on a temporary basis, please contact us.  If you will "Subscribe" under the "Contact" tab, we will keep you informed on any future changes.

Personal Testimony

After retirement, Dr. Matthews' ministry continued at numerous locations in the US and Canada. While in Winnipeg, MB, Canada, he was interviewed by Willard Thiessen, founder of "It's a New Day Ministries" and shared his core message, how he came to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and the importance of caring for and offering healing prayer for one another.


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A note of appreciation to family and friends who have provided advice, comments on written material and moral support. Finally, special thanks to my wife, who has accepted the long hours dedicated to this project while other projects went unfinished.


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