The Biblical Basis for Faith, Love, and Hope

  • The Bible continually emphasizes the necessity of a correct response to God. This response is characterized by faith, love and hope. Whatever we think, desire and do, all of our attitudes, aspirations and actions must be in harmony with and in the context of trusting God, loving God, and making Him the object of our hope.
  • At first glance this appears to be very confusing and difficult. It is such - particularly for the believer who has been a Christian for a number of years and has not been correctly taught. Once we live incorrectly, we establish certain patterns of life which are not easy to evaluate nor to correct. Such patterns continue to hamper us and lead us into defeat.
  • The very first step in solving this problem and being led into a life of spiritual freedom and fruitfulness is the topic before us. We must understand the basis, the source, or the foundation of genuine faith, love and hope. The Biblical basis of a correct response to God is twofold.