The Context of Healing Prayer

  • As important as healing prayer is – it must be recognized as only a part of the healing process God desires to bring to all of us. If there is only healing prayer – and no internalizing of some related truths – the effectiveness will gradually diminish – and produce confusion and disappointment.
  • Healing comes to pass through personal relationships. It is a redemptive healing – through a personal relationship with God as mediated through personal relationships with His people. The importance of this truth cannot be overlooked.
  • For healing to be Biblical and effective it must operate within a context of truths or principles that needs to be understood, internalized and practiced by faith, love and hope, with the help of Spirit-filled people. Most of us continue to live as wounded and frustrated people, in spite of the love and grace of God, because we want instant healing and/or try to do it all on our own.