Experiencing the Holy Spirit as Our Divine Enablement (2)

  • The Scripture clearly reveals the deep concern of the Lord Jesus for His Disciples and for all believers. Consider the truth: God is concerned for the true you—your heart.
    1. Our circumstances, both past and present, may lead us to believe that no one really cares for us. Many of us would like to hear our name spoken in love – not in anger, or in ridicule, or for correction, or for instruction, or as a plea for help, but just in love, acceptance and affirmation. The Lord Jesus wants to speak your name in love.
    2. Why do I begin this message as I have? There are four reasons.
      • God loves and cares for you in spite of what has or is happening to you.
      • He wants you to receive His loving care and to respond to Him in love and trust.
      • Your life and ministry flows out of your heart experience more than your head.
      • He wants you to know your provision is a Person: The Blessed Holy Spirit.
  • The significance of the Farewell Discourse.
    1. The Disciples were aware of some impending and threatening event.
    2. They were confused and apprehensive. The Lord Jesus had spoken of His death.
    3. The enemy was powerfully at work. Luke 22:31, 53; John 13:27; 14:30
    4. In a few hours they would all forsake Him. It would result in great shame and fear.
    5. In this Discourse the Lord Jesus expressed His love and provision for them.