Foundational Truths for Spiritual Protection and Growth

  • As Christians we cannot be content with a mere intellectual grasp on the doctrines of the Bible. We must learn how to practice the Word of God.
  • One of the evidences of our fallenness, personal sin, influence of the evil world about us, and demonic pressure is that we are so content to drift through ljfe without a motivating concern regarding our lack of depth in worship, spiritual growth, believing prayer, awareness of the needs of those about us, and being able to help people with spiritual problems.
  • God has commanded us to be concerned people—concerned about knowing and doing His will. He has not given us His Word and His grace to hoard. He expects us to obey Him by ministering to those about us. Matthew 22:37-39; 28:18-20; Luke 10:25-37; Colossians 4:12; James 5:16-20.
  • Not many of us doubt the doctrinal content of the Bible. However, most of us do have a deeply-rooted and paralyzing doubt as to whether the gospel and prayer will work in most personal and practical situations. The evidence of this is extremely clear—we do not want to get involved because we do not believe our prayers and words will be effective—we do not believe God will “come through.” And, when we cannot escape involvement, our prayers are too often largely cliches or doctrinal platitudes; our efforts are too often spiritually superficial; and we are all the while trying to think of someone to whom we can send this needy person.
  • The following is what I consider to be a foundational list of that which must be accepted, believed, and practiced in order to minister to people in a practical way. By this, I am attempting to build on the doctrinal foundation of the Christian world and life view.