The Holy Spirit and His Anointing

  • The filling and anointing of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful and continuing experience. And, that experience is given high priority in the Scripture.
  • The Biblical context of that experience is not the experience itself but the Person of the Holy Spirit — Who does the work of filling and anointing. We must constantly keep in mind the necessity of His personal relationship with us — and the intimacy of “keeping in step with the Spirit” (Gal 5:25). Any neglect of the Holy Spirit, in our attempt to live and serve God, is not only sinful — but may make one vulnerable to the enemy.
  • In approaching this subject we must face ourselves with the question: Do we really want God?
    1. We cannot come with a lethargic, self-confident, proud, self-sufficient attitude.
    2. Do we want to enter more deeply into a life of fellowship with Him that involves humbling, confession, repentance, surrender, and living our daily life with the highest priority given to worship and sincere, honest, transparent obedience? If we can say “Yes” — then we can be assured that the Holy Spirit will minister to us and through us.