Keys to Fulfillment: The Biblical Context

  • God created mankind to be fulfilled. Fulfillment has to do with the realization of our potentialities with particular emphasis on our spirituality.
  • The provision for fulfillment is God Himself. He created us to live in fellowship with Himself and to fulfill His plan. Therefore, fulfillment is inseparably related to walking with God in the daily obedience of faith, love and hope. The basic content of fulfillment is therefore enjoying the Lord as we do His will. (Isaiah 43:7,21; John l5:ll; l6:24; 17:13; Rom. 14:17; 15:13; Gal. 5:22; I John 1:4)
  • The method of fulfillment has to do with the understanding and the implementation of Biblical priorities. One can never aim at fulfillment or happiness and achieve it.
    1. Fulfillment is a by-product of living in fellowship with God and doing His will.
    2. Therefore, the goal of daily life must be God Himself, His fellowship and His plan.