Keys to Fulfillment: The Fall - The Image of God Defaced

  • It is staggering to the imagination to realize that we have been created in the image of God, created to have fellowship with Him, to be divinely enabled to represent Him, and to be able to live and serve for the glory of God
  • When we look at the world, society and ourselves, we cry out, "What has happened to us?" We are not the way God made us. We are creatures of sickness and death, selfishness and sensuality, hatred and violence, covetousness and rebellion, weakness and pride - and yet conscious of a lost greatness and sensing a deep loneliness
  • The answer to our cry is found in the Bible. We are fallen people. We have turned away from our Creator and Father. We have rejected the very source of life itself and see the evidence of our death in every area of our existence.