The Manifold Grace of God

  • In studying this great theme of the grace of God we come to the conclusion that grace is the product of the love of God. His love is an action which resulted in Jesus Christ coming into the world and giving His life as a ransom. The benefits of His death and Resurrection are the product. When we believe upon Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior all these benefits flow into our lives. Griffith Thomas said, "Grace is the love of God in action toward sinful men".
  • John described the Lord Jesus Christ as ". . . full of grace and truth". John 1:16.
  • In I Peter 4:10 the term ". . . manifold grace of God" is used. This reminds us that God's grace is designed to meet the believer's every need. The verse also reminds us that the Christian is a "steward" of the grace of God. We can bring the message of God's loving provision to people by our example and words and even more by prayer.