The Relationship of Jesus Christ to the Believer (2)

  • In our creation God made us for Himself, Isaiah 43:21. This means, in part, that God Himself would be our resource of personal fulfillment. We were made to find in Him our basic enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • The Fall and our own sin has ruined this relationship. Today, the non-Christian and even some Christians live without a significant amount of personal fulfillment. Purposelessness and meaninglessness are characteristics of our age.
  • Through believing in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and learning how to live the Christian life an individual may again find the fulfillment he needs. The Bible reminds us that God Himself is our authority, enablement, motivation, goal in life, as well as the source of joy and peace through daily fellowship.
  • In order to live in fellowship with God it is helpful to see how the Scripture describes the relationship of Christ and the believer.