The Responsibility of Salvation

  • The subject of this section of I Peter (1:3-2:10) is the grace of God. The term "grace" refers to the truth that God has made Himself available to every believer, to be to them whatever they may need, to live the Christian life, and to serve Him, successfully. Note I Cor 1: 24,30; II Cor 8:9; 9:8; 12:7-10; I Peter 1:2, 10, 13; 2:3; 3:7; 4:10; 5:10.
  • The key regarding grace, that many believers overlook, is that while we have all the grace of God, legally, grace is only powerful in our life when we practice it in the obedience of worship, faith, love, and hope. God cannot bless us in the areas of our disobedience.
  • Three key verses in I Peter are 1:13-15. The seven admonitions in these verses explain what the believer must do to cooperate with God so His grace may be powerful in daily life.