The Tragic Consequences of Mistakes

  • Mistakes may have tragic consequences - cannot be corrected.
  • Illustrations:
    1. July 6, 1944 -- Joshua Millard and Joshua Allen swimming. Clowning around called for “help.” Later called and drowned.
    2. March 22, 1993 -- Three men fishing early morning before light. Went to shore - high speed - to pick up a fourth. Hit the dock. Steve Olin and Tim Crews died, Bob Ojeda seriously wounded. Important players of Cleveland Indians.
  • Spiritual mistakes worse of all.
    1. They affect -- often tragically -- all areas of our life.
    2. We inevitably carry the tragic effects into eternity.
    3. All of us are making such mistakes --
      • These mistakes are causing great damage.
      • These mistakes are depriving us of our spiritual joy/power.
  • Today: The Most Serious Mistake A Person Can Make. IT IS TO MISUNDERSTAND WHO GOD IS!