For many Christians, exposure to "soul food" consists of occasionally reading a few verses of scripture, listening to a brief sermon on Sunday morning and maybe listening/watching a media presentation.  They have not been taught how to study the Bible, how to pray and worship, how to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, how to submit to the Holy Spirit's help and guidance or how to discern and defeat the attacks of Satan.  Many have never been taught that God is to be experienced, not just believed in.  Lacking a meaningful and authentic "relationship" with God some Christians are starving to death spiritually and don't know it.

This website is dedicated to providing the "soul food" for developing a successful spiritual life. It does not promote a religion or legalistic adherence to rules and regulations. It does promote the Biblical principles found in the inspired Word of God. This material was developed by Dr. Victor M Matthews over a lifetime of study and ministry. It is our prayer that it will be a blessing to you and assist in developing a close walk with our God and Father.